Here you can find useful information and links to websites that have helped us to share the love for technology among men and women from different age groups and interest.
If you have any useful links worth sharing, please do let us know at team[at] as well, so we could keep this page up-to-date. Thank you!

Workshops available in Estonia:
Digigirls is a one-day workshop targeted for 15 - 19 year-old girls. More info about the event (the page is in estonian)
Rails Girls is a two-day workshop for gymnasium girls and women with no previous experience in IT. During these two days girls and women will learn with the help of experienced mentors the basics of programming in Ruby on Rails and create a personal webpage by the end of the workshop.More info about the events held so far:
Sumorobot workshop is a 4 hour workshop to teach the basics of programming through writing code for a small sumo robot. The implementation of the code will be tested during a tournament between two robots, which have been programmed by different teams. The language used for teaching programming is specially desgined for beginners by Estonian IT College’s Robotics Club and is written in Estonian.

Useful links to begin exploring the technology world on your own:
  1. Learn to program a sumorobot online for free:
  2. Learn to code interactively for free:
  3. Learn various subjects on different topics for free (in english)
  4. Learn various subjects on different topics for free (in estonian):
  5. Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript online as a course, with different pricing:
  6. Learn the basics of computer science via
  7. Gain new knowledge by going through the online study guides and class clips created by BBC:
  8. Learning coding the fun way: useful links for different type of coding and levels of learning to code:
  9. Choose from a wide selection of online programming courses at
  10. Sit in lectures with the MIT students for free. Watch any pre-taped course available at
  11. Learn technology, creative and business skills from’s 3,500 top-quality video
  12. HackStack tutorials let you learn real world technology skills by creating an immediately valuable business asset from scratch. Learn HTML5 & CSS3 with

Other fun and useful alternative ways to introduce technology world to a novice:
  1. A children’s book on introducing Ruby on Rails “Hello Ruby!” by Linda Liukas:
  2. Make a computer yourself from modular pieces to learn the basics of a computer with Kano Computer:
  3. DIY toothbrush robots for learning mechanics and electronics: