TSW #7 - Ave Lauringson

26 February 2013


I can’t and won`t to do anything without motivation and passion. Seeing results and effect of my everyday work keeps me going. I’m honest and frank which sometimes causes me troubles. I’m a team player.

What are your current projects related to technology?
I find myself as a self-learner in field of technology. Six year in Tiger Leap has given me vision how ICT and technology should be used in classroom and hobby clubs. There are already 120 schools and hobby clubs making LEGO NXT robots and attending international competitions. Tiger Leap’s most popular technology project is growing and this year we staring pilot in kindergartens. It would be great if in every region in Estonia there would be robotics clubs in kindergartens and school math would be taught via robotics.
Second and most talked about project that I run is ProgeTiger. Brainchild of my good colleague Signe Rosin started in 2012. With this programme we try to expand topics in computer and informatics classes at school. Within the ProgeTiger we offer study materials and teacher training for those who wants to integrate programming to school curriculum or run an after school programming club. And its all free and voluntary! Shortage of skilled people in Estonian ICT sector is not news anymore. Our goal is also to raise student’s awareness that learning ICT and technology field subjects can give you a better future – job, income and freedom to you use creativity.
What or who inspires you?
First of all I’m inspired by kids who are sharing their thoughts about what they are getting from for example robotics class or club. Source of inspiration is also teachers who are satisfied with opportunities Tiger Leap offers – free training courses, teaching materials etc.
Talking to people with whom I’m always pleased to work with and to people with vision, ideas and who are goal-oriented.

What was the most important thing that you have learned in the past year and how did you learn it?
Most important thing I have learned from past year is that with good team you can create and run anything. I’m very glad that I managed to gather together people who share the same ideas and are as motivated as I am.

Why is technology important?
Believe it or not but it makes our life easier.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given to you?
It came from my mother - do your everyday work with your head not with your heart.

What does the future bring?
Please let me know if you find someone who knows answer for this question.
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