Tech Sisters sharing start-up experiences

13 December 2012


On 19th of December we have the last networking evening this year. This time we have a theme and it’s start-ups. Come and find out how people from different backgrounds driven by ideas and their personal needs have turned to technology and created something out of almost nothing.

We have four fantastic women - Ülane Vilumets (, Mari-Liis Lind, Mari Maripuu and Diana Poudel ( who will be talking about their endeavour in entrepreneurship.

So see you at Garage48 Hub (Rävala pst 7)!

Speakers start at 18:00.

Ülane Viluments - Combining her passion for travelling with her passion for business she left the relative safety of having a well paid day job for a vague promise of epic success and founded The goal of the enterprise is to  help travellers find authentic local experiences and liven up the tourism and information field.

Mari-Liis Lind - She’s a tech and design enthusiast, who has many years of experience in working with and for startups. Mari-Liis is also the curator for Estonia at StartupDigest, one of the co-founders of Tech Sisters, advisor for Garage48 Foundation and we have heard rumors she’s also working on her own startup. Although she says it’s early to talk about her project, she has a lot to share on how the startup ecosystem works and knows how to get things going when you want to realize your own idea.

Mari Maripuu - Mari is a student of Estonian Academy of Arts in Leather Art, Accessory Design and Bookbinding department, who is interested in sustainable solutions. She’s also working on an international project which combines fashion design and sustainability. She’s currently creating a prototype for a small part of it - a mobile wardrobe.

Diana Poudel – Diana is most well known for being the project manager of an Estonian start-up (also known as which connects babysitters and people with kids to babysit. She has had 12 years of experience in project management and marketing and a bit fewer years as a mother of two kids. Diana’s also one of the founding members of Tech Sisters.

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