Tech Sisters networking event at sTARTUp Hub

01 March 2018


On the last day of February, Tech Sisters Tartu community gathered in a cozy environment at the sTARTUp Hub. This time, three amazing ladies shared their stories about entering the StartUp World!

The speakers where:

  • Karen Roosileht, Founder of
  • Janika Liiv, Co-Founder of Refresh Conference
  • Triin Kask, Co-founder of

The speeches and discussions touched upon various topics starting from the funding, management, to burn-out and holding on to your product’s vision.

Speakers truly opened themselves and shared their honest story how they pursued their dreams and how much hard work it required (and still does!). Thank you so much for sharing this all with us!

Here are short intros about the ladies:

Karen Roosileht was a language school teacher in Brazil working long hours for a small salary. It was in private teaching where she earned 10X more but had management problems. Scheduling took too much time and payments were a hassle. She found success after focusing on sales&preparing lessons while her mother helped her with scheduling and father with payments collection. started as an “automation” of her parents so other people can have the same opportunity of launching successful, stress-free one man/woman knowledge-sharing businesses.

Janika Liiv is a Software Engineer and the Co-Founder of Refresh Conference. She has more than 10 years of experience working as a software developer in startups and was one of the founders of Tech Sisters. Currently, she is focusing on helping local talent grow by organizing Refresh - a conference for product, design and front-end people happening 4th year in Tallinn. Refresh brings together 20 international speakers and 700 curious professionals.

Triin Kask is a fascinating speaker, mentor and start-upper. She is also a founder of Nevercode. Nevercode empowers visionaries, architects and engineers to build a new world where all lives have a meaningful impact. Triin’s goal is not only to succeed as an entrepreneur but help people understand the real magic of being an entrepreneur.

Enourmous thanks to sTARTUp Hub for hosting this event and for the coffee&tee&snacks!

Stay tuned for the next event coming up at March!

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