Tech Sisters first ever Networking event!

10 October 2012


So far we have two three speakers from different walks of life who are going to speak about what they do and how different technologies affect their work.

Helen Kokk  is an apt graphic designer and UX expert valued in the Estonian Startup scene. In fact she is so apt there have been rumours that during one Garage48 hackathon, she did web design for 4 different teams.

Marit Ilison is a freelance fashion designer with great passion for pattern making and concepts. She has created magical installations combining different technologies (for example her exhibition Lúmine at Plektrum Festival 2010 and installations at this year’s Stalker Festival installation)  and has some interesting thoughts about how technology and art go together.

Kristina Narusk works as the Development Manager at GrabCad. She has over 10 years of experience with software teams and she makes sure there’s always something under construction for GrabCAD. While not keeping others busy, she also interviews the Spotlight engineers, blogs about hobby projects or is digging into numbers for that next infographics.

We very much hope to see all of you there! Don’t be intimidated if this is the first time you heard about tech sisters, everyone’s invited! Even men can attend:)

*The event is in Estonian.

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