Networking event at Toggl

25 February 2014


Annika Helendi is Toggl’s lead generation manager and she told us about the apps she uses the most in her daily job. Following is a short summary of them all.
  1. Feedly - Feedly is a feed reader, probably one of the best alternatives to Google Reader after it got put down.
  2. Google Analytics - Not surprisingly, Google Analytics is the tool Annika uses the most to keep her eye on the visitors and their activity on Toggl’s site.
  3. HootSuite - a social media dashboard to manage and measure your social networks.
  4. Optimizely - software for A/B testing.
  5. Teamweek - Toggl has a very active blog running and in order to keep track of the planned posts, they use Teamweek. So when someone fails to write a post for a certain date or the order of the posts is changed, things can be reorganized fast and neatly.
  6. PlaceIt - PlaceIt is a tool for generating product screenshots in realistic environments.
  7. Moz - Moz lets you find out whenever your brand name, competitors, and any other important terms are mentioned on the web. It’s a rather expensive one, though, but the one-month free trial might actually be all you need.
  8. And last but not the least, something funny for the nearing 1st of April: LemmeTweetThatForYoufor making fake tweets.
Next up was Mari-Liis Lind who’s currently business developer at Velvet Creative Alliance. Her interest in technology goes back to the early 1980s, when her dad visited DDR and brought a couple of toy trains home with him. Next came the first computers, Pac-Man game and changing e-mails with far away friends. But Mari-Liis didn’t end up studying informatics or design, she actually went and got a degree in law from Tartu University. She’s worked in Helsinki and Brussels, and in one way or another, she’s been involved in EstVCA, start smart, EstBAN and Estonian Startup Leaders Club. Mari-Liis not only talked about herself, but also about Tech Sisters’ plans for this year. We have many workshops in store for you and we plan to continue organising the monthly networking events. More info will be posted on our Facebook page, once we know the exact dates and venues.

Our last speaker this evening was Triin Üksvärav who talked about Timber Diameter, the winning app of last year’s Garage48 hackathon at Pärnu. As the name suggests, Timber Diameter will measure timber, either the diameter of the logs or the cubage of a whole pile of timber. Just take a photo and the app will do the rest.
Using the app instead of people has many benefits:
  1. measurements are done quickly;
  2. Increased revenue as the application provides accurate information;
  3. up-to-date warehouse inventory information;
  4. decrease in payroll costs.

After winning Garage48 in autumn 2013, they started their journey on Ajujaht competition and that’s what is taking up most of their time right now, too. They’re improving their app and tackling the problems associated with making the measuring process more accurate.
Another project Triin has been involved in, is Töö Töö lets employees rate employers. The goal is to raise awareness of the companies who provide flexible work conditions, i.e. for disabled people, part time jobs for parents of small children etc.

We’re glad that our open mic offer was welcomed warmly. Marko Nemberg used the chance to invite everyone to a gamification themed evening with Gabe Zichermann and Taavi Lindmaa. Hannes and Anthony from Eliis, a software for kindergartens, told us about their work and future plans. If you yourself have something to tell us and our audience, feel free to do that at our next networking event!
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